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Company Name

Raretec Ltd.


Hiroshi Inoue, President-Director


November 2003

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1-17 imakaminishi aza Komagamine Shinchimachi, Soumagun, Fukushima, Japan


65-11 nishitahara,hadanoshi,Kanagawa,Japan

Phone No./FAX No.

+ 81-244-62-5140

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 8:00 - 17:00
(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) CLOSED.

Description of Business

Production and distribution of EB Filament(for electron-beam gun, vacuum equipment, resistance heating). -

Personal Information Protection Policy

Raretec Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “our company”)understands that protecting the personal information of our customers (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) is our policy and our social obligation at the same time, and so we determine our policy in handling personal information on our web site as follows, and make efforts in protecting personal information.

1. Our company thoroughly conducts training to the officers and employees on the importance of protecting personal information and will comply with the laws (personal information protection bill) to protect personal information in order for appropriate protection of personal data, and maintain and continuously improve.

*”Personal Information” means, any information that can distinguish an individual customer, such as name, address, place of employment, date of birth, phone number and email address.

2.Basically, we do not gather the personal information of our customers. However, if we gather personal information to create data for our own use in the future, we will inform our customer of the purpose of use, and how to use it in advance, and we will do so in an appropriate range.

Our company will not utilize the personal information of our customers for any other purpose than what we informed our customer of as the purpose of gathering, except for any reasonable reasons such as legality.

3.Our company will inform the customer of the content of the customer’s personal information if the customer himself/herself wishes upon confirmation of the inquirer as the customer himself/herself in principle.

Also, if there is any mistake or change in the personal information of the customer which our company manages, and if the customer requests us for the correction or deletion of that information, we will respond to the request in an appropriate manner.

4.Our company will make efforts in maintaining the correct and most updated personal information in order to secure correctness and safety of the personal information, as well as in preventing from loss, destroy, alteration, and leak of the personal information.

5.Our company will comply with all the laws and legislations applicable to the personal information we hold, and regulations and guidelines which are determined by the administrative agency and others.

Raretec Ltd.
1-17 imakaminishi aza Komagamine Shinchimachi, Soumagun, Fukushima, Japan
Phone No. +81-244-62-5139
E-mail : info@raretec.jp