Notation based on a Japanese law


Raretec Ltd.

Operation Manager

Hiroshi Inoue

Office Address

1-17 imakaminishi aza Komagamine Shinchimachi, Soumagun, Fukushima, Japan

Phone No./FAX No

+81-244-62-5139 / + 81-244-62-5140


Selling Price

Depends on the product and production volume. It will be presented with a quotation.

Delivery of Product

Payment on delivery fee for payment on delivery Bank transfer fee in case of bank transfer Shipment Cost and Consumption Tax Will be presented at estimation.


Payment on delivery・Bank transfer.

Deadline of Payment

At delivery of product (for payment on delivery), 7 days after product delivery(for bank transfer) Or any payment deadline separately se.

Defective Product

We will replace defective products and wrong items with successful products at free shipping. Other than that, replacement is not acceptable with us.

Payment deadline

Upon arrival of the product (in the case of cash on delivery) Within 7 days after the arrival of the product (in the case of bank transfer) or a payment deadline specified separately.

About defective products

Defective products and different products will be replaced with non-defective products at our shipping cost. Please forgive other responsibilities.


Because of the nature of our goods, returns or exchange of goods are not acceptable in principle, except for the damage, taint damage during the transportation, and any other reason our company accepts. Please contact us within 5 days after the arrival of goods, for returns and exchange of goods. We will promptly respond to it. Request of returns or exchanges later than 6 days after the delivery, will not be accepted. We appreciate your understanding in advance. If you send back the goods, please be sure to include the enclosures along the goods.


We may ask you for certain cost of material and processing at the time of cancellation as the cancellation charge if the production of your order has started.